Gerald Orehostky

Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Quality

Since 2020, Mr. Orehostky has held a variety of positions at the company including Sr. Director of Regulatory Affairs and Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Quality.

Mr. Orehostky oversees the Regulatory Affairs and Quality departments, supporting the development and commercialization of Zevra’s products. His responsibilities include oversight of operations, managing organizational growth, program planning and establishment of regulatory strategy required to support Zevra’s pipeline.

Over the past 37 years, prior to joining Zevra, he has served in various roles in regulatory affairs and quality functions. His experience includes the successful development and commercialization of drug, biologic, and combination products in multiple areas, including rare disease.

Mr. Orehostky received undergraduate degrees in biology and forensic sciences, a B.A. in Natural Science and Mathematics from Thomas Edison University, completed graduate studies in business administration, and obtained a quality engineering certification.